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A Travel Diary by Policy and Public Administration Scientists from Potsdam

Photo: Harald Fuhr
Afghanistan needs an efficient public administration for social development, economic growth and stability.

On Tour in Afghanistan

In September 2014, a group of scientists from the Potsdam Center for Politics and Management (PCPM) at the University of Potsdam traveled to Afghanistan to visit four public administration faculties as part of the “Strengthening of Public Administration Education in Afghanistan” project supported by UP Transfer GmbH. During their trip, Professors Harald Fuhr and Werner Jann, Julka Jantz and Dr. Thurid Hustedt took part in academic events at the universities and gave guest lectures. They have recorded their experiences in a travel diary.

Kabul, 22. September 2014

After lengthy preparations, we are leaving today for our round trip to four Afghan universities - Jalalabad, Herat, Kabul, and Mazar-e Sharif


Jalalabad, 23. September 2014

Today, the second day of our trip, we fly to Jalalabad. The city has about 250,000 inhabitants and is situated near the border with Pakistan.


Jalalabad, 24. September 2014

Back from the university, we relax on the guesthouse’s terrace. It’s 6pm and the sun is going down. This is the time when the bats and geckos come out to


Kabul, 25. September 2014

Today we’re planning to meet our female colleagues from Kabul University to discuss how we can further support them.


Kabul/Herat, 26. September 2014

We meet our DAAD colleagues for the obligatory Friday hotel brunch and pick up our discussion where we left off at the airport on the first day.


Herat, 27. September 2014

Right away we notice the many female students in the first seminar room. What a contrast to Jalalabad!


Kabul, 28. September 2014

We started in Herat this morning at 6am. Due to the usual morning traffic jams we only have about an hour to freshen up in our hotel before visiting the un


Kabul, 29. September 2014

We are stranded at Kabul Airport. Airport Road has been closed since 6am for the high-ranking guests of the president’s inauguration.


Mazar, 30. September 2014

We are heading north on a ruler-straight street towards Mazar-e Sharif International Airport. A lot has changed since we arrived here for the first time


Impressions from Afghanistan: