Lisa Schwetlick

Lisa Schwetlick, M.Sc.

Research Assistant in Experimental and Biological Psychology


University Campus Golm
Bldg 14, Room 4.38
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
14476 Potsdam, Germany


consulting hours
on appointment


M.Sc. (Cognitive Science - Embodied Cognition, 2018, University of Potsdam, Germany)
B.Sc. (Psychology, 2016, University of Potsdam, Germany)

Research Project

Project B05 of CRC 1294 (DFG): Attention selection and recognition in scene viewing (DFG)



Engbert, R.Rabe, M. M.Schwetlick, L., Seelig, S. A., Reich, S., & Vasishth, S. (2022). Data assimilation in dynamical cognitive science. Trends in Cognitive Sciences26(2), 99–102.


Malem-Shinitski, N., Opper, M., Reich, S., Schwetlick, L., Seelig, S. A., & Engbert, R. (2020). A mathematical model of local and global attention in natural scene viewing. PLOS Computational Biology16(12), 1–21.

Schwetlick, L., Rothkegel, L. O. M., Trukenbrod, H. A., & Engbert, R. (2020). Modeling the effects of perisaccadic attention on gaze statistics during scene viewing. Communications Biology3, 1–11.