BB3R Research platform

Photo: T. Nitezki

The central aim of this research project is the broad implementation of alternative methods and animal friendly processes into research. The scientists of BB3R collaborate with federal institutions, associations and the regional pharmaceutical industry that, yet, cooperate only partially. An additional aim is the transfer of knowledge to the public due to the use of print- and electronic media. The research platform BB3R and the established graduate school will fill substantial knowledge gaps in the 3Rs and alternatives to animal experimentation.

The establishment of the Berlin-Brandenburg research platform BB3R with integrated graduate education will strengthen the 3R expertise of the region Berlin-Brandenburg. Intensive systematic research will provide substantial progress in 3R. Excellent young scientists will be trained and highly qualified in alternative methods to animal experiments.

At the University of Potsdam the focus is on Refinement of animal experimentation. Therefore an additional Junior Professorship for Immunotoxicology with the focus Refinement has been established. More information can be found at the homepage of the BB3R research platform.

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kleuser, Tina Nitezki, Jun. Prof. Lukasz Japtok

Photo: T. Nitezki