Left: View from the water on a riverside in Rennes / Right: Building of the University of Paris Nanterre.
Photo: left: University of Rennes 1, France / right: University Paris Nanterre, France

Gap year in France: A year full of new perspectives for you

Your current program of study does not cover all the subject areas that interest you or that you need for your desired profession? Are you considering a different field of study or choosing a different focus in your master's degree? Have you always wanted to study something else but didn't have the opportunity?

The Gap Year is designed to give you exactly that opportunity! Study for one or two semester(s) with the help of a scholarship at our French EDUC partner universities Université Rennes 1 or Université Paris Nanterre and take advantage of the unique chance to broaden your horizon of studies.

Find out more about Marina's gap year and be part of the gap year experience at Uni Rennes 1 or Uni Paris Nanterre!

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Apply Now!

Apply by April 21, 2022 for the gap year 2022/23!

Semester 1: September - December 2022

Semester 2: January - April/ May 2023

What is the Gap Year?