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Browse and apply now: EDUC Course Catalogue. New online and blended courses in (almost) all subject areas.
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The EDUC Alliance opens up new study opportunities across Europe - all from the comfort of your own sofa with our online and blended courses. 

Browse through our EDUC course catalogue now and discover the diverse range of courses on offer: 

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Current offers

Registration until 11/02/2024:

British Literature and Culture I

  • course period: from 21/02/2024
  • info: The lecture course for students in the BA English Studies programme offers an overview of British literature and culture from the medieval period to the beginning of the Victorian era.

The Fall of an Empire or the Rise of Europe?

  • course period: asynchronous, take part anytime
  • info: The goal of this course is to focus on the artistic, visual, material, and performative cultures that coexisted in this extraordinary moment of history.

Registration until 14/02/2024:

European Law: Politics in the EU

  • course period: 04/03–24/05/2024
  • info: This course will give an overview of several fields of competences of the European Union.

Roman Urbanism in the Ancient World

  • course period: 26/02–24/05/2024
  • info: The objective of the course is to set out the modalities and the timeline of this expansion as well as the acceptance of the Roman Urban in the North West of the Roman Empire as any very first urbanisation in Europe.

Luxury: Social Psychological Approaches for Professionals

  • course period: 04/03–13/05/2024
  • info: The main objective of the course Luxury: social psychological approaches for professionals is to make students familiar with a social psychological perspective on the interactions in the world of luxury.

Understanding Regulation, Theory, and Practice

  • course period: 04/03–04/05/2024
  • info: Regulations have tremendous impacts on economic growth and the well-being of humans. This course will offer a theoretical, practical and multidisciplinary approach of the phenomenon of regulation.

Registration until 19/02/2024:

Initiation to Research and Critical Thinking

  • course period: 22/02–02/05/2024
  • Info: Discover research in its many aspects and start learning the basics of it. There is also the option of an internship following the course.

Registration until 29/02/2024:

The Future of Europe

  • course period: until the end of July
  • info: The students will get a general knowledge about the present and future politics of the European Union in a multidisciplinary framework.

Marketing and Corporate Communication

  • course period: until the end of July
  • info: The students are going to learn the strategic role of marketing for companies and organizations, are going to learn the evolving characteristics of corporate communication, with a specific focus on its strategies and tools, are going to learn the importance of digital platforms and social media for companies and organizations and are going to create and manage a digital communication project work, with a particular focus on social network sites.

International Environmental Law & Policy

  • course period: until the end of July
  • info: Students will be provided with basic knowledge as to the functioning of the international and UE legal orders, having regard to their sources of law, their compliance mechanisms, and their incorporation within the Italian legal order. The course will offer a broad introduction to the principles governing international and EU environmental law, by paying particular heed to the foundational principle of sustainable development. And it will show how this legal framework applies to tourist management.

Culture and Society of Arab Contemporary Countries

  • course period: until the end of July
  • info: The course aimed at providing students with basic knowledge, analytical and methodological tools, and notions about history and institutions of the Arab world.

History of Medieval Art

  • course period: until the end of July
  • Info: Students will have to acquire the ability to read a work of medieval art in its technical, iconographic and iconological, formal and stylistic, historical and cultural values, and understanding the historical-artistic path.

No application deadline:

Linguistic Landscapes: languages in the public space (web-based training)

  • course period: asynchronous, take part anytime
  • info: In this web-based training, students will be introduced to the main theoretical approaches and empirical methods for mapping linguistic diversity in public spaces.

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