Chair for Contemporary German Language

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    The chair of Contemporary German Language represents synchronic Germanic linguistics at the German Department of Potsdam University.

    We take an interdisciplinary approach, connecting research questions from Germanic linguistics with approaches, methods and findings from other disciplines that are concerned with human culture and cognition. Starting from a representational point of view, we employ techniques like corpus analysis or questionnaires to test grammatical hypotheses, while psycholinguistic evidence adds a processing perspective to our research on grammatical phenomena.
    In our teaching, the focus is on the grammar and lexicon of contemporary German and its varieties. Our classes foster a knowledge of linguistic structures in German and the ability to analyse grammatical and lexical phenomena in language system and language use. In their studies, students gain knowledge in the fields of phonetics and phonology, lexicon, morphology, syntax, semantics, and graphematics. Based on the discussion of grammatical theory and linguistic methods, they learn to apply their knowledge to different areas of natural linguistic data.