Projekt: Network Analysis and Spatial Stylometry in American Studies (NASSA)

Stylometric Network Visualization of more than 900 American Dramatic texts

The transnational workgroup NASSA seeks to develop computational research methodologies and procedures of Digital Humanities (DH) in American Studies. In particular, the workgroup is concerned with the combination of Stylometry, Network Analysis and GIS mapping in order to develop a digital workflow for the automated extraction of authorship attributions, the automated detection of regional dialects and its subsequent semi-automatic visualization on digital maps (GIS). We work with a corpus of roughly 3000 American Dramata from three centuries to first (A) account for a number of 150 texts by anonymous authors by measuring their distance to texts by known playwrights using Burrows Delta, (B) to extract regional patterns and spatial settings in what we call a method of spatial stylometry (measuring authorial signals against dialects, named entities, geo-names) and c) we seek to compare our analysis of spatial stylometry with a network analysis of scenic co-presence of characters in a methodology develop by our colleagues from 

Research Team: 

Dr. Dennis Mischke (University of Potsdam, Germany) 

Dr. Michał Choiński (Jagiellonian University, Krakov Poland) 

Joanna Byszuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

Mathias Göbel (SUB Göttingen) 

Funded by:

Potsdam University: KoUP Cooperation Funding 2019 

Potsdam University: KoUP Cooperation Funding 2020