On this page, we will introduce current and finished network projects.  Here are several selected projects. The list will be extended continuously. 

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Analysing Networked Climate Images

The research project studies climate pictures in the internet as an example and the possibility of analysing pictures with means of digital methods of comparison.

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Experimental Visualisation of Theodor Fontanes Referance Library

Feasability-study of visual exploration and digital presentation of Theodor Fontanes reference library, a special collection of the Theodor-Fontane-Archive.

Projekt participants from the network

Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk, Prof. Dr. Peer Trilcke, Dr. Anna Busch, Mark-Jan Bludau, Viktoria Brüggemann, Kristina Genzel 

Short description of the projects

The passed on stock of Theodor Fontanes personal reference library at the Theodor-Fontane- Archive is made up of special collection of roughly 150 volumes that have been fully digitalised and made accessible. Nearly 70,000 images in this collection serve as a basis for developing an interactive visualisation that open up a new perspective and allow for more insight into a unique authors library. It also makes this library accessible and explorable for research as well as for the cultural public.

In cooperation with the Theodor-Fontane-Archive and the research professorship for information visualisation, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

  • First of all, new graphic users interfaces in form of a prototyp will be explored in terms of an explorative, real and virtual authors library
  • Secondly, the conceptional investigation for visualising culturally valuable collections in specialised, interdisciplinary cooperation with experts of the domain and supportive institutions on the sides of the Theodor-Fontane-Archive and specialists in the field of visualising cultural heritage on the sides of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in form a feasibility study.
Ausschnitt aus einer Netzwerkvisualisierung von über 400 Dramen

Digital literary studies network analysis

This project explores methods and the potential of digital network analysis of literary texts.

Project participants from the network

Prof. Dr. Peer Trilcke, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (NRU Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Short description of the project The dlina-work group (dlina = digital literary studies network analysis), founded end of 2014, is an institutional unaffiliated, constantly growing coalition of literary scholars and computer scientists, working on the extraction, analysis and interpretation of network data of literary texts. Apart from the automated extraction and analysis (statistic evaluation and visualisation), the question of corpus presentation (TEI-Coding literary texts and meta data) – notably on the new portal – as well as fundamental questions of literary studies argumentation with quantitative data play an important role.


Sponsored by KoUP-Foundation University of Potsdam