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The Germany Scholarship at the University of Potsdam

The Germany Scholarship is a funding program at the national level that was established by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of the initiative is also to develop a new scholarship culture in Germany. Talented students receive support and simultaneously become visible as potential experts or managers for companies, foundations, and other organizations.

Companies, foundations, and private persons typically pay € 150 each month for at least one year to fund a Germany Scholarship. The federal government matches this donation with € 150 each month. This amounts to € 3,600 per scholarship and per year of university study. This scholarship funding is independent of income, can be combined with German financial aid (BAFöG), and does not need to be paid back. If you are interested, take a look at the following questions and answers.

The next application cycle for the Germany Scholarship at the University of Potsdam is

  • for enrolled students from June 04 until June 17, 2018 and
  • for first-semester students from July 30 until August 12, 2018.

The application form will be accepted exclusively online. The link is here.

FAQ regarding the Germany Scholarship

Who can apply?

Is the Germany Scholarship tied to specific disciplines?

I am not a German citizen, but I am enrolled at the University of Potsdam. Can I still apply for the Germany Scholarship?

When can I apply for the Germany Scholarship?

How much funding does the Germany Scholarship provide?

How long does the scholarship last?

Can I apply again after the expiration of my scholarship?

What criteria are used in the selection of scholarship recipients?

Who makes decisions about the awarding of scholarships?

How do I submit certificates of performance?

Is the Germany Scholarship taken into account when determining financial aid (BaföG), and can it be combined with other scholarship programs?

Can I also receive a housing allowance and other social services while also having a Germany Scholarship?

Can I continue to receive the Germany Scholarship during a stay abroad (for example, with the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD)?

Can I suspend my Germany Scholarship?

I am enrolled in my first semester and do not have any academic achievements to report. Can I still apply?

I have applied for admission to the University of Potsdam, yet I have not yet enrolled. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

I am studying at multiple faculties, or my degree program consists of two different subjects. Which subject do I have to use to apply for a scholarship? Can I select the subject?

I am studying at another university in Germany. Can I still apply for a Germany Scholarship at the University of Potsdam?

How many scholarships are there in each round of applications?

What happens if I switch universities or change academic disciplines, or stop studying altogether?

I did not receive a scholarship. Can I apply again?

Am I obligated to complete an internship or similar duties at a company that provides me with support?

How can I get more information about the Germany Scholarship?



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