Study guide for summer semester 2018

Wireless Sensor Networks

Learn about the basic concepts for setting up a wireless sensor network and the associated specific problems.

Frequency of Teaching Events

It is planned to offer each summer semester the lecture Processor Architecture for bachelor's and master's students. This lecture is based on the course Foundations of Computer Science, which is taught in the lecture Information Processing.

In the winter semester the lectures Hardware/Software-Codesign and Sensornetze will be offered interchangeably. Both lectures are for Master's students.

The offer of lectures in the field of technical computer science is supplemented by offers from Joint Lab: Design of Digital Systems and Emdedded System Design.

Bachelor's and Master's theses

We offer final theses in the fields of sensor networks, middleware and technical informatics (main focus: fault tolerant computer architectures). More information and specific topics can be found at Final Theses.