Combining On-Line-Test and Self-Repair for Highly Dependable Processor-based Nano-Electronic Systems

The German and European industry (automotive, avionic, traffic and transportation, industrial automation) needs processor-based systems for executing various applications. The processor-based system together with the running application must provide high reliability and long-term dependability. Unfortunately, these properties are not necessarily provided by nano-electronic processor based systems themselves. Therefore, such systems must be equipped with mechanisms for real-time on-line fault detection and handling as well as for self-repair for replacing defect components. The combination of hardware-based on-line fault tolerance mechanisms with software-based off-line self-repair techniques is obvious, but not systematically explored for processor-based systems up to now. The goal of our project is to combine both techniques together in a processor-based system, such that the additional overhead in terms of redundancy is limited to a minimum, and the application of this technique becomes economical.

Funding: German Science Foundation (DFG)
Duration: 03/2014–02/2017