FAQ - SunRay lab

  • What kind of computers are these?

    SunRay terminals aren't workstations but terminals connected to a server ( ours are called delenn, ivanova and alexander). The server provides computing power and memory for your work.

  • How can I log in?

    First of all you need an Account. Before you log in with your account data, make sure to select the desktop environment you want to use (the default is CDE, the Common Desktop Environment). You see the selected desktop environment in the image on the right side of the login screen. You can change it in the Options menu. Now type in your user name and password. The graphical desktop environment is started.

  • What if the terminal "hangs"?

    To close a session at SunRay 150 press Control-Alt-Backspace-Backspace. To restart the X-Server, press Control-Alt-Delete-Delete. If that doesn't work, try Control-Alt-Halfmoon.

  • After login the system logs me out immediately?

    If the login works, but the server logs you out immediately, the likely cause is that you did experiments with chmod and managed to revoke write permissions for your own home directory. Solve the problem in a failover session or contact a system administrator.

  • Can I print in the SunRay lab?

    No, printing is currently not possible in the SunRay lab.

  • How can I save my data?

    SunRay terminals have no USB ports nor cd writers. To save your data

    • pack them into a tar archive and send that via email or
    • pack a tar archive and fetch it via sftp.
  • Where do I find current login scripts?

    You can copy the scripts from /etc/skel_stud/.*  to your home directory.