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Winter Semester 2021

Welcome Freshmen!

Congratulations on your successful applications!

As always, please dont hesitate to contact us for any queries or concerns you have about starting your studies and life here at Potsdam. We would love to help make your preperations as seamless as possible!

Also note, we have scheduled a little Introductory Session over Zoom to get to know one another and walk you through some preliminary tasks as you begin your Masters.

When: 18 September, 2021 at 18:00 hrs (Central European Summer Time | GMT +2)

Link: https://uni-potsdam.zoom.us/j/62920016069 
Meeting ID: 629 2001 6069 
Passcode: 34597833

We look forward to meet you and welcome you all to our little CoSEC group ^_^ 

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Picture of Lotta

Student Spotlight for October 2021

Check out our Student Spotlight for the year, Lotta Winkler! She is a member of the Winter 2018/2019 Cohort and is currently writing her Master's Thesis.

Picture of Marta

Student Spotlight September 2021

Our Student Spotlight for this month is Marta Urbaniak, one of our Student Reps and part of the Winter 2019 cohort. She is finishing her master's thesis and begins her PhD in Neuroscience next month.

Picture of Gowri

Student Spotlight for August 2021

Our most recent Student Spotlight is Gowri S. Mohan, one of our Student Reps and part of the Winter 2019 cohort. She is currently working on her master's thesis with fMRI data.

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Announcements and Events:

1 new PhD student position

There is a new job posting for a PhD position in Dresden. Check it out in detail under our Job Postings tab!

New Job Postings

13 new salaried PhD posts available at Würzburg, Germany. Check them out in detail under our Job Postings tab!

New Job Postings

10 new Doctoral and Post Doc positions available. Check them out in detail under our Job Postings tab!

Meeting of student representatives

The weekly meetings have been shifted from Wednesday 5 pm to Monday 5 pm.