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2024/in press

Scientific Journals

Heinze, P. E., Weck, F., Maaß, U. & Kühne, F. (2024). The relation between knowledge and skills assessments in psychotherapy training: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 18(2), 162–167. 

Hunsmann, J., Ay-Bryson, D. S., Kobs, S., Behrend, N., Weck, F., Knigge, M., & Kühne, F. (2024). Basic counseling skills in psychology and teaching: Validation of a short version of the Counselor Activity Self-Efficacy Scales. BMC Psychology, 12, 32.

Kühne, F., Hobrecker, L.K., Heinze, P.E., Meißner, C., & Weck, F. (2024). Exposure therapy tailored to inhibitory learning principles in a naturalistic setting: an open pilot trial in obsessive-compulsive outpatient care. Frontiers in Psychology, 15:1328850.

Maaß, U., Kühne, F., Ay-Bryson, D. S., Heinze, P. E. & Weck, F. (2024). Efficacy of live-supervision regarding skills, anxiety and self-efficacy: A randomized controlled trial. The Clinical Supervisor, 43(1), 1-21.

Paunov, T., Weck, F., Heinze, P.E., Maaß, U. & Kühne, F (in press). Competence Ratings in Psychotherapy Training – A Complex Matter. Cognitive Therapy and Research



Ghalib, J., Maaß, U., Alfonsson, S. (2024). It was my therapist's fault: Patients’ perception of treatment failures as a result of adverse therapeutic behaviors and impaired learning experiences. PsychArchives.

Eisert, K., Maaß, U., Kühne, F., & Weck, F. (2024, February 12). The Reformed Psychotherapy Master's Program from the Perspective of Lecturers and Teaching Therapists.

Ghalib, J., Maaß, U., Kühne, F., & Weck, F. (2024). What do patients learn in CBT? - Comparing different perspectives on patients' learning processes. PsychArchives.

Lacki, F., Goerling, U., & Kühne, F. (2023). Addressing psychosocial stress in cancer patients - evaluation of an online communication training in oncology.

Paunov, T., Weck, F., & Kühne, F. (2024). Development and validation of a measure assessing procedural knowledge in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. PsychArchives.