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Schedule of Fees

On the basis of Section 67 (1) No. 1 in conjunction with Section 2 (3) of the Law on Universities of the State of Brandenburg (Brandenburg University Act - BbgHG) of July 6, 2004 (GVBl. I p. 394), the Senate of the University of Potsdam Issue the following fee schedule for the use of the Career Service of the University of Potsdam:

§ 1 Participation in courses

In principle, all participants in the Career Service seminars are obliged to pay a fee. Students at the University of Potsdam pay 10€ per seminar day, graduates (alumni program) 15€ per seminar day, and academic staff and doctoral candidates at the University of Potsdam 20€ per seminar day. The same applies to students and employees of other institutions who are entitled to participate in seminars and events of the Career Service on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the University of Potsdam.

§ 2 Exceptions

  1. Students at the University of Potsdam are not obliged to pay fees if participation in seminars of the Career Service is a compulsory component of the curriculum for the undergraduate degree courses chosen by the student.
  2. The obligation to pay fees also does not apply to foreign students who are studying at the University of Potsdam for a limited period as part of a university contract or a university program.
  3. The student can be exempted from the obligation to pay every semester if this leads to undue hardship for him / her. The exemption must be applied for in writing at the University of Potsdam, Department for Personnel and Legal Matters.

§ 3 Payment Procedure

  1. The payment of the fees according to § 1 takes place before the beginning of the respective seminar.
  2. More detailed deadlines will be announced in the event program of the Career Service.
  3. Those who have registered in good time, have paid the required fees and have previously been accepted in a selection process that may have been carried out are eligible to participate in courses.
  4. Fees will be reimbursed if a course has been canceled by the Career Service.

§ 4 Proof of Payment

Proof of payment of the fee according to § 1 must be submitted to the seminar leader at the beginning of the seminar.

§ 5 Coming into Force

These fee statutes come into force on the day after their publication in the official announcements of the University of Potsdam.