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Ask the Alumni

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Ask the Alumni (AtA) is a joint initiative of the Alumni and Career Services of the University of Potsdam. AtA channels your most pressing and curious questions with the alumni and professional circles of the University of Potsdam, to those with the relevant experience or specifialization.

The AtA is especially for the exchange of career-related knowledge and advice. Please fill in the form below, and be as specific with your question as possible. The information you provide will be anonymized before processing and your question may be redacted before forwarding and publication, however, please be advised to share as much as you feel comfortable.

Ask the Alumni works in four steps:

  1. You submit your question
  2. Your question is reviewed and published in the Alumni Communityand the Open Talents groups on LinkedIn
  3. For further discussion, it may also be published in the Alumni Portal of the University of Potsdam
  4. You receive the answers in your mailbox

In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach us via the contact information in the page-end.

Follow us our LinkedIn groups Alumni Community, and the Open Talents Group where we hope to publish your question and bring it to discussion.

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