Newly appointed professors make a significant impact on the University of Potsdam’s profile. Excellent achievements in research make a contribution, as does high-quality, research-oriented teaching. Furthermore, international contacts and work experience abroad are becoming increasingly important in the context of ongoing internationalization.

    Appointment Policy

    At the University of Potsdam, the appointment procedure for W1, W2, and W3 professors follow a fixed structure that guarantees fair and transparent conditions for everyone inside and outside of the university. We go to great lengths to avoid possible biases and prejudices within the Appointments Committee. Our objective is to attract and retain top scientists and scholars, from within and outside of Germany, to the University of Potsdam. W1 professorships are advertised, insofar as this is structurally possible, as tenure-track professorships, meaning there is an option to gain tenure after a probation period. W2 and W3 professorships are typically tenured positions that are for life upon appointment.

    Dual Career Service

    During the appointment procedure and beyond, you can turn to the Dual Career Service if your partner needs assistance in their job search. They can also answer questions about moving to Potsdam.


    The W1 salary group applies to junior professors. Appointment incentives are therefore not paid, although the salary is increased in accordance with the remuneration regulations after a successful evaluation (typically after three years of service).
    Remuneration in the W2 and W3 groups consists of a base salary, perpetual appointment incentives, and limited performance-based pay. A performance agreement is made between the newly appointed professor and the Office of the Dean about performance bonuses. The President shall be responsible for the evaluation.
    Every 3-5 years, professors paid under the W2 and W3 categories have the option to apply for special performance-based pay components that can later be converted to permanent remuneration elements after the probation period has passed.


    Two requirements for being appointed to a professorship by the Brandenburg Ministry for Science, Research and Culture are, among others, the determination of physical fitness by a medical officer and the presentation of a driver’s license.

    New Appointees Program

    The University supports you at the beginning of your career with a unique program for newly appointed professors, and offers a platform for collegial exchange.
    Starting point is a central new hire workshop in which you become familiar with the processes, structures, and central contact persons at the University of Potsdam and can get more information about professional development opportunities.