Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the 2020 graduation ceremony?
Any graduate who has received a degree (bachelor's, master's, Diplom, Magister, doctorate) in the 2019-20 academic year.
IMPORTANT: If you are a graduate and would like to participate in the graduation ceremony and be given a decorative diploma, you must register for the event on the Alumni Portal.

What will I be presented with at the ceremony?
All University of Potsdam graduates who participate in the ceremony receive a decorative certificate of graduation. This certificate is not your official diploma. You will receive your official diploma from the administration or your faculty sometime before or after the graduation ceremony. (Perhaps you already have.)

May I invite guests along?
Of course! In fact, a major purpose of this event is for you to share this milestone with the people important to you. However, when you sign up on the  Alumni-Portal, please indicate how many guests you will be bringing so we can prepare enough seats for everyone.

When can I RSVP?
If you have registered for the Alumni-Portal, we will send you the president's written invitation. The portal is open for RSVPs to the event.

May current students attend graduation?
Yes, of course. It would be excellent if as many of you as possible could give the graduates their well-earned applause. This will also give you a preview of your own future graduation ceremony.

Important note:
The graduation ceremony attracts major public attention. Photographers and camera teams will be present on the day of the ceremony, taking photographs and making recordings that may include your image. These photos and videos are distributed to newspapers and television networks as part of our media coverage and will also be archived. During the event, the University of Potsdam also takes photos and films video footage, which are published as publicity in print, on storage media, and online. By participating in the event, you consent to being portrayed in these photographs and recordings and to their dissemination. Thank you for supporting the University of Potsdam in this way.



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