June, 2020: Joint Graduation Ceremony and Celebration

An der beeindruckenden Kolonnade am Neuen Palais findet die Absolventenfeier statt.
Photo: Ernst Kaszynski
The festive ceremony will take place on June, 2020 in front of the monumental colonnade of the Neues Palais.

The graduation ceremony for the University of Potsdam Class of 2019-20 will take place at the colonnade of the Neues Palais (New Palace).The university years are a vital, eventful and formative period, full of experiences that most alumni will think back on for a lifetime. To mark this milestone for our latest cohort, the University of Potsdam invites all students who completed their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in 2017-18 to a joint graduation ceremony and celebration in the company of their families and friends.

The festive ceremony will take place on June xx, 2020 in front of the monumental colonnade of the Neues Palais. Prof. Oliver Günther, Ph.D., President of the University of Potsdam, will greet former students on the Neues Palais campus for one last time and present them with ceremonial certificates of graduation.

After the ceremony, attendees may drink a toast of sparkling wine to the graduates' scholarly successes before taking graduation photos at the Neues Palais colonnade. 

Alumni and new doctorate holders from the 2019-20 academic year should make sure to register for the Alumni Portal. As soon as you register on the portal as an alumna or alumnus, you can take advantage of the University of Potsdam's other programs for alumni.We hope you are as excited as we are for an unforgettable 2020 graduation ceremony! Yours, The Alumni Team

Ihr Alumni-Team


Janny Armbruster, Maren Behringer, anna Walther


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