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Information for Students

Photo: Karla Fritze

Topics of Bachelor/MasterThesis

No topic is available at this moment.

If you are interested in any of these topics for your Bachelor or Master thesis, feel free to get in touch with Flavia Adani
(adani@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de). The Bachelor thesis can be written in German or English while Master thesis will be written in English.

List of Bachelor/Master and Magister theses, that are completed or in progress and were/are supervised by our group members

StudentThesis TitleProgramStatus1st
2nd Reviewer
Peter HornA Retrospective Analysis on the Development of Fast Mapping and Novel Word Learning Abilities: Evidence from German-learning 30 and 36 month-oldsMaster (Linguistics)completedFlavia AdaniTom Fritzsche
Maria Vomva Bilingualism or SLI? A Greek-German study on gender of personal pronouns
Master (IECL)
completedFlavia Adani Stavroula Stavrakaki (U. Thessaloniki)
Iryna SorokovskaProcessing of canonical and non-canonical word order variations in German-speking 4-year-oldsMaster (IECL) completedFlavia AdaniChristine Schipke
Giulia BrunoMorphosyntactic Abilities in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Experimental Study on Relative Clause ComprehensionBSc PatholinguistikcompletedFlavia AdaniRomy Lassotta
Einfluss pragmatischer Fähigkeiten auf die Wahl von Artikeln: Eine Produktionsstudie mit VorschulkindernBSc PatholinguistikcompletedMaja Stegenwallner-SchützFlavia Adani
Steffi SchwanzNumerusinformation in Sätzen mit flexibler Wortstellung: Eine Satzverständnisstudie zum ErwerbsverlaufBSc PatholinguistikcompletedMaja Stegenwallner-SchützFlavia Adani
Anne KämpfnerA corpus investigation on Relative Clause production in child and adult GermanBSc PatholinguistikcompletedYair HaendlerFlavia Adani
Yair HaendlerAcquisition of Passive in German: Adjectival and Verbal Passives are understood by 4-year olds.Master (IECL)completedFlavia AdaniBarbara Höhle
Gentjana TarajComprehesion of Reflexives and Personal Pronouns in Albanian-speaking Children: Evidence from Typical Development and Autism Spectrum DisorderMaster (EMCL)completedFlavia AdaniJussi Niemi
Eileen ZieglerThe Comprehension of German Relative Clauses: The Role of Number and PronounsMagistercompletedFlavia AdaniFrank Burchert
Talea GlawWhat Factors are Responsible for the Facilitating Effects Found in the Processing of Object Relative Clauses?BSc PatholinguistikcompletedFlavia AdaniJeannine Schwytay
Júlia Escalda MendonçaComprehension and Production of Relative Clauses in Brazililan-Portuguese-speaking ChildrenMaster (EMCL)completedFlavia AdaniGerard Bol