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Call for Papers 2019

As the largest inter-disciplinary and general research conference on human rights, the AHRI 2019 Conference welcomes both individual papers and panels exploring the themes set out below. The 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 gave rise to the leading overall theme

“Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Challenges Ahead”,

but proposals do not need to be limited to that because the AHRI research conference will be a general platform for discussing new human rights research issues.

The six primary tracks allow to deal with a broad variety of questions linked to the overall theme of the conference. Preference will be given to strong proposals falling within one of the following tracks, under which several panels will be organised:

1. Historical Development

This track wants to make use of a historical perspective on the two bodies of law. How did they evolve over time and influence each other, which actors influenced the development under which circumstances?

2. General Questions

In this track, we welcome submissions discussing implications on the doctrine of international law. Do we face a fragmentation with consequences for the interpretation of the two bodies of law? Or, on the contrary, will a common framework emerge?

3. Institutions: Who provides substantial interpretations of the applicable law?

Human rights bodies and courts tend to favour an extensive interpretation of human rights and, increasingly provide interpretations of international law from such an extended human rights perspective. What are the consequences for IHL and the traditionally driving forces in that area, the ICRC and States, as well as for the ICC?

4. Specific Situations

International and non-international armed conflicts, as well as peace operations may threaten human rights and thus lead to specific challenges for international human rights law. Informational warfare and cyber activities did add a new dimension.

5. Specific Groups and Rights

This track welcomes submissions looking at the implications of situations of armed conflicts for vulnerable groups such as women or children, refugees or detainees. A second focus may shed light on specific human rights such as freedom of religion and freedom of information that may be infringed during armed conflicts or situations of occupation.

6. Jus Post Bellum

Peace processes do not end once a peace agreement has been signed. Post-conflict situations need specific investments in order to achieve a lasting peace. Are there implications on the human rights of all groups of the population? In this section, we might also deal with questions of transitional justice.

Interested participants should submit their abstracts via the following link no later than 31 March 2019.

The complete call for papers can be found using this link.

Papers can be presented on any topic related to human rights and should be unpublished, though papers directly related to the six tracks above will receive preference. Interdisciplinary projects and jointly-authored papers are welcomed (with the proviso that only one person will be allowed to present).

Proposals for entire panels are equally welcome, indicating the title, abstract and author of each paper. Note: a panel consists of 3 speakers and 1 proposed discussant may be indicated. Alternatively, panels of four speakers (without a discussant, so as to allow sufficient time for discussion) might be considered. To ensure diversity in all respects, panels which are a mix of male-female and consist of researchers from different research institutions will be given precedence.

Researchers at all career stages, from PhD students to full professors, are invited to submit.

The deadline for paper submission is 9 August 2019. Papers should be approximately 6000 – 8000 words.

Please upload your paper under this link. It will be made available to the chair or discussant of your panel for the purpose of discussion, and upon request only to the participants of the conference.