Start-up Streaming Night #4 - Episode: Go Global!

Start-up Streaming Night #4 - Episode: Go Global!
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The fourth edition of the Start-up Streaming Night goes global! What are special opportunities for international start-ups and why should more people follow this path? In his keynote researcher, founder and start-up mentor Mike Richardson will take you halfway around the world and share his personal experiences. In the follwing Q/A session, you'll also get a chance to ask your questions directly to Mike.

In the second part of the stream, we will have a short roundtable talk about the different services of the International Start-up Service for your projects and issues. Post your questions live in the chat and join the discussion!

After the show we invite you to digital networking. Discuss your ideas and projects with like-minded people and our guests. We will publish the link to the networking at the end of the show. All you need is a webcam and ideally a headset.




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22.04.2021, 18:00 Uhr
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