Future2Go - From Pipette to Pen! Let´s Draw the Results!

Future2Go - From Pipette to Pen! Let´s Draw the Results!
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Dr. Franziska W. Schwarz decided five years ago to switch professions in a very odd way. The nutritionist, that got her PhD in nurtitional medicine wanted to focus more on teaching and communicating science rather than research. But it seemed that there was not such a ‚low‘ position compared to her ‚high‘ degree. Even by that time, research positions in the industry did not seem to fit her CV, even taken her creative interest out of the equation. Strangely, when she was doing what she was interested in most, which was visual documentation of scientific talks, people wanted to pay her for her notes. But how could this be even a job? ..for a scientist?

Franziska Schwarz will tell her story how to invent a job, that does not exsist and make people understand that this is a profession now. And what to do, when you are not so sure yourself, if this a ‚thing‘. How to start and Who to learn from, if you are the first?

About Future2Go:

Future2Go is an informal lecture series on career paths presented by alumni from various institutes at the Potsdam Science Park. Students, PhDs and PostDocs can learn about alternatives to an academic research career: How do you apply for and obtain a patent? How do you found a new company?

We offer a free lunch upon registration.

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13.08.2020, 12:00 Uhr
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