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Seminar Summer 2017

date time, room speaker, affiliation title
02.05.17 14:15, B2.01 Ors Legeza, Wigner Research Centre for Physics Budapest Tensor Product Methods and Entanglement Optimization for Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry
10.05.17 Christopher Penschke, HUB Cerium dioxide as a support material in catalysis studied by DFT
17.05.17 Petra Imhof, FUB Structure, Function, and Dynamics - Insight from Molecular Simulations
24.05.2017 Gerald Hörner, TU Berlin Spin-Crossover in Slow Motion. Tuning of Reaction Coordinates
07.06.17 David Egger, Uni Regensburg First-Principles Calculations of Structural Dynamics in Lead-Halide Perovskites
21.06.2017 Tao Xiong, UP Vibrationally resolved spectra of perylene and its derivatives
05.07.2017 Jan Götze Ten years of theoretical carotinoid research – a new purpose for established compounds
12.07.2017 Giacomo Melani, UP H2O@α-Al2O3(0001): What have we learned so far?
19.07.2017 Hossein Batebi, FU Berlin A mechanistic study of the enzymatic excision mechanism in AP endonuclease APE1
06.09.2017 Kaoru Yamazaki, Tohoku University Automated search on the nonradiative decay pathways of cinnamate based sunscreens