Dr. Tatiana Klepikova

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Tatiana Klepikova
Foto: privat


                         Am Neuen Palais 10
                         Haus 1, Raum 0.05
                         14469 Potsdam
                         Tel.: +49 331 977-113196
                         Mail: tatiana.klepikovauni-potsdamde

                         Sekretariat: +49 331 977-150101 (Haus 1, Raum 0.07)
                                                   Herr Eugen Rube

Tatiana Klepikova
Foto: privat

Sprechzeiten / Consultation hours

nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail / by appointment via e-mail


Forschungsschwerpunkte / Research interests


  • twentieth- and twenty-first-century Russian literature and culture
  • gender and sexuality in Eastern Europe and Eurasia
  • Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian drama
  • feminist and queer theater and culture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • sites and articulations of “marginality”
  • publics and citizenship in the digital age
  • digital body and posthumanism


Forschungsprojekte / Research projects

  • A History of Queer Theatre in Russia
  • Performing Queerness, Performing Russia: Contemporary LGBTQ Theater and Drama as the Nation’s Ghostwriter