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Anna Azanova

PhD Student

The topic of my PhD research is Information Structure Functions of the Particles -to, dak and chai in Central Eastern and Northern Russian Dialects. Previous studies showed that the particles have discursive functions and can mark information structure of the utterance in those dialects. However, classic information structure theory poorly describes this mechanism. In this research an emerging alternative approach of Multifunctional Information Management will be applied.  Starting from the set of particular meanings we will find out what effect on the information structure each particle has. Such a description will clarify the status of the particles within the researched dialects and add one more point to the typological picture of information structure marking.


Email: azanova(at)uni-potsdam.de


  • M.A., Higher School of Economics, Linguistic Theory and Language Description (Evolution of the Second Prepositional Case in Russian Dialects from the Middle 20th Century to the Beginning of 21st Century), 2022.
  • B.A., Higher School of Economics, Fundamental and Computational Linguistics (Clitics LI and CHI in Dialect of Rogovatoye Village), 2020.

Professional assignments

  • Research assistant.Linguistic Convergence Laboratory, HSE University (2020–2022) 

Research experience

  • I. A. Marchenko, O. N. Dolgov, A. S. Azanova, M. S. Zambrzhitskaya, E. A. Zalivina, S. A. Zemlyanskaya, D. I. Mochul’skij, E. I. Tsejtina, D. G. Chistyakova, R. V. Ron’ko. Database of dialectal atlas of Russian language (Available online at da.ruslang.ru) (2022).
  • Roman Ron'ko, Anna Azanova, Zoia But'enko, Maria Zambrzhickaya, Igor Marchenko, Denis Mochulskij, Elena Tsejtina. Corpus of Shetnevo and Makeevo 2022, Moscow: Linguistic Convergence Laboratory, HSE University; V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute Russian Academy of Science (Available online  at http://lingconlab.ru/shetnevo/#!/) (2022).



  • “Clitics LI and CHI in Dialect of Rogovatoye Village” (in Russian), presented at the Round Table “Dialectology and Linguistic Geography”.
  • “Clitics LI and CHI in Dialect of Rogovatoye Village” (in Russian), abstract for the Students Conference of the Institute of Linguistics (SKIL).
  • “Syntactic Classification of Sentences with Particles LI and CHI and their Positional Properties in Dialect of Rogovatoye Village” (in Russian), abstract for the Conference “Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters” (TMP).