Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte

    Projekt Zsucht eine wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (w/m/d).

    Stellenangebot. Deadline für Bewerbungen: 29. Mai 2022

    (DEADLINE HAS PASSED, but feel free to contact us.) - SFB 1287 Short-term fellowships for Refugee Researchers

    Given the current political situation, we are offering fellowships for refugee researchers from Ukraine or Russia to work in the CRC 1287 for a duration of maximally one year.

    Please submit the following information (in an email with ideally one single pdf attachment to sfb1287uni-potsdamde) no later than 31.03.2022:

    • Personal data (name, date and place of birth, address, bank details) (bank details can be submitted later)
    • Family circumstances (marital status, number and birth dates of children, information on who will accompany you)
    • Short declaration of your own economic circumstances and income situation
    • Curriculum vitae and copy of diploma, PhD certificates etc.
    • Work plan for the duration of the fellowship (in the framework of the CRC 1287)
    • Letter of motivation with information on refugee status

    All details can be found here: PDF