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Symposium: Development of Dangers for Social Unity in Present Day Europe

This workshop of researchers from the Universities of Potsdam and Turin is the preparation for the upcoming symposium - February 2017 - which has the aim of bringing about an Italian-French-German network of young scholars dedicated to the reflection on the “virality” of misinformation and hate speech in social networks.





Arrival, Warm-Up Discussion and Brainstorming


9–12 AM Workshop “Infection of argumentation trough Front Nationale and AFD-discours. How populist parties use metaphors in Social Networks to mobilize against muslim citizens.” (Impulsreferat Christina Thumann)
2-5 PM Workshop “On the metaphors of conspiracy theories about refugees in right wing media.” (Amir Dizdarević)


9-12 AM Workshop “On virality of the BRD GMBH narrative in German social media.” (Jan Rathje)
2-5 PM Workshop “Virality and emotionality of the “Lügenpresse” Phenomenon in Europe (Linda Thom)


9-12 Final Discussion and Plans for the Potsdam Symposium, February 2017


Sala de Saussure
Via Po, 18
10123, Turin

Link to premises location on OpenStreetMap