Symposium: Development of Dangers for Social Unity in Present Day Europe

Teaser für Tagung

This workshop of researchers from the Universities of Potsdam and Turin is the preparation for the upcoming symposium - February 2017 - which has the aim of bringing about an Italian-French-German network of young scholars dedicated to the reflection on the “virality” of misinformation and hate speech in social networks.





Arrival, Warm-Up Discussion and Brainstorming


9–12 AM Workshop “Infection of argumentation trough Front Nationale and AFD-discours. How populist parties use metaphors in Social Networks to mobilize against muslim citizens.” (Impulsreferat Christina Thumann)
2-5 PM Workshop “On the metaphors of conspiracy theories about refugees in right wing media.” (Amir Dizdarević)


9-12 AM Workshop “On virality of the BRD GMBH narrative in German social media.” (Jan Rathje)
2-5 PM Workshop “Virality and emotionality of the “Lügenpresse” Phenomenon in Europe (Linda Thom)


9-12 Final Discussion and Plans for the Potsdam Symposium, February 2017


Sala de Saussure
Via Po, 18
10123, Turin

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