MA & Internship Opportunities


We sometimes have opportunities for (unpaid) internships. If you are interested in an internship at the PRIM, please contact our Labmanager Carlotta Isabella Zona.

Masters Projects

We also offer the opportunity to carry out Masters projects at the PRIM on topics that fit within our general research programme and with the research interests of your potential supervisors (Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen or PD Dr. Claudia Felser). Please send a proposal with your ideas to Harald Clahsen or Claudia Felser, respectively.

MA/MSc Programmes

PRIM staff currently contributes to the following Masters programmes:

MSc Linguistics (Information in German)

International M.Sc. / Ph.D. Programme for Experimental and Clinical Linguistics

Masters programme "Kommunikation-Variation-Mehrsprachigkeit" (Information in German)

Masters programme "Fremdsprachenlinguistik" (Information in German)