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Eine Gruppe von Personen redet miteinander.
Foto: Isabelle Golz

Set the right pace for your new founding team

Aligning with new team members can be difficult. In this interactive workshop, we will work on your tability to recognize team communication and dynamics.

Learn how to reflect upon your own personality, to understand how you can contribute best in a (startup) team. We make use of common tools, add tools from innovation management and gamification, to explore one´s own behaviour in teams, to improve team dynamics in the long-term. 

This workshop was co-designed with Master students of the University of Potsdam - we can´t wait to try out this pilot together with you.




Who: Early-stage startup teams/ individuals interested in the methods
When: September 26th, 2023 (10:00-17:00)
Where: Online via Zoom
Language: English
Costs: It´s for free.
Bonus: Virtual Team Escape Room 

EXIST-Potentiale: Entrepreneurship Education Manager

EXIST-Potentiale: Entrepreneurship Education Manager


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