Let´s Match
Foto: Tilo Bergemann

Matching Workshop for Start-ups and Potential Team Members!

Wednesday 18th Nov. 2020

Let´s Match was the first cooperative matching event organised by Potsdam Transfer, European University Viadrina and Poznań University of Technology. The workshop took place digitally during the German Startup Week and combined a matching phase and team testing phase, which was coached by Norman Nemitz. The shared vision of all three partners was to bring startups and potential team members from Germany and Poland together to encourage startups to work in international teams.

In small groups, the participants tackled actual business challenges that the startup founders face. All matched teams had the chance to get to know each other better by developing a solution to address customers during the CoVid-19 pandemic in the team testing phase, using the customer-centric Design Thinking approach.

Congratulations again to the startup of Alexander Schreiber (EUV) which was matched with potential new team members and received the audience award for the best pitch of its customer-oriented solution developed during the team testing phase.

The next international Matchmaking event takes place next year (TBA) and we can´t wait to share the experience with you!​

Anita Knappe

Anita Knappe

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In cooperation with European University Viadrina, Poznań University of Technology and University of Potsdam.