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Matching workshop for Start-ups and potentials

Wednesday 18th Nov. 2020

Meet Start-ups, potential Co-Founders and new team members of
European University Viadrina, Poznań University of Technology and University of Potsdam.  

Take part in our matching-event as a Start-up which is looking for new perspectives on recent topics or as a potential looking forward to join a Start-up. Our aim is to support interdisciplinary business Start-ups with academic background, to create a regional and international network for innovative businesses of tomorrow.

  • Your Start-up is looking for a new team member?
    Apply as a business owner and send us a current question which should be solved by your future team mates.
  • If you want to get to know how it feels like to work in a Start-up?
    Apply as a participant and get the chance to become a team member and connect with inspiring entrepreneurs.
    This offer is for all students, especially alumni of business sciences and management engineering.

Get to know Start-ups, Co-Founders potential and team members by discussing an actual problem case and work together in our team testing phase. Using the Design Thinking approach, you will work on a generated main topic, which challenges all of our Start-ups.

Join our panel discussion on YouTube @Universität Potsdam. Our Livestream will start at 6 pm and will give you insights in international Start-ups who share their
experiences about keeping up business during CoVid-19.

Apply until 7th November 2020:


What challenge are you facing as a Start-up team? Add a short description. We will try to find a common topic for all Start-ups in order to put your teamwork with potentials to the test in a fast and fun way. (If you are a potential leave a "-" here)
What are three superpowers your bring to a Start-up team (competencies, traits, … )? What is your motivation to join a Start-up? Which fields are you interested in? (If you are a Start-up leave a "-" here)



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In cooperation with European University Viadrina, Poznań University of Technology and University of Potsdam.