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Future-oriented Leadership and Team Development

Trainer: Svenja Neupert


  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of current leadership and team-management principles and tools
  • Build a practical skill-set to effectively deal with difficult team situations
  • Learn to develop your deeper interpersonal skills; appreciation of potentials, competencies and personality
  • Explore and understand the value of diversity as a team resource


  • What does future-oriented leadership mean? (Paradigm change)
  • Leadership and management - clarity in your role and function
  • Self-leadership-team-leadership and leadership of organisations
  • Check lists and leadership tool box (delegation, feedback, yearly review)
  • How to build a motivated and functional team (team roles and personality)
  • Typical problems in the daily work-life and how to deal with it
  • How to create a better understanding in the 3 worlds: academia, economy and administration
  • Diversity management in intercultural teams


  • Input
    Individual, pair and group exercises
  • Discussion
  • Role-play

About Svenja Neupert

Svenja Neupert is a speaker, coach, trainer and organisational consultant and is an expert on Future Leadership. She has 24 years' experience of supporting a wide variety of teams in the academic and business worlds. Svenja will help you discover unconventional approaches to your thinking and coach you to follow your talents. She believes that everyone can realize his or her unique potential in his or her chosen professional life and have fun and fulfilment at work. An essential conviction for Svenja is that everyone has an inner compass - a purpose which gives him or her a lifelong orientation, and which especially equips one to cope with challenges in times of uncertainty.

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