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Communication & Conflict Resolution

Trainer: Anna Royon-Weigelt

Objectives and Content

  • Basics of conflict management: subject and interpersonal levels in conflict situations
  • Conflict analysis: types of conflicts and conflict escalation levels, being able to analyze conflict situations and to decide what can be done
  • Bad weather warning: Recognizing conflict causes and signals in time
  • Conflict handling modes and conflict management styles: understanding different ways of handling conflicts and reflecting one's own conflict management style
  • Communication in tense situations and conflicts: communication techniques that help shape a constructive and de-escalating dialogue in conflict situations (active listening, mirroring, reframing, asking good questions, I-and You-messages)
  • Leading constructive talks: How to prepare and lead a constructive talk in difficult feedback and conflict situations - role plays of concrete situations
  • Mediation of conflicts - staying calm in the middle of a hurricane: Mediating in conflicts within your team, handling strong emotions


  • Short inputs
  • Practical exercises
  • Self-reflection
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Role plays
  • Peer group consulting

About Anna Royon-Weigelt

Anna Royon-Weigelt was educated at the universities of Saarbrücken and Paris (Panthéon-Assas). As a consultant and project manager she gained varied experience in different countries. She performs in German, English, French and Polish. Since 2008 Anna is working as a freelance consultant, coach, trainer and mediator in the fields of research, education, the public sector and industry.

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