Foto: Vogel

Dr. Kristin Vogel

  • Project:  Machine learning applications in natural hazards assessment (PDA)
Foto: Vogel

Th. Moran
Foto: Moran

Thomas Moran (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Natural hazards in a changing climate – What causes the variability? (Project: I1)
  • defended on 18 June 2020
Th. Moran
Foto: Moran

Lisei Köhn-Reich

  • Project: Seamless hydrological forecasting for tropical monsoon influenced river basins

Irene Crisologo (associated)

  • Thesis: Enhancing the effectiveness of flood early warnings in the Philippines
  • defended on 19 November 2019

Sebastian von Specht (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Likelihood-based Optimization in Strong-motion Seismology (Project: I3)
  • defended on 25 October 2019

Georg Veh (first cohort)

Jonas Laudan (first cohort)

Bernhard Fiedler (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Change-point detection for seismicity parameter (Project: I2)
  • defended on 10 July 2019

Dr. Iulii Didovetz (associated)

  • Thesis: Assessment of climate change impact on river runoff and extremes in Ukraine
  • defended on 17 May 2019

Dr. Viktor Rözer (associated)

Sarah Kienzler

  • Project: Flood risk assessment in Germany: enhancement, validation and application of flood loss models

Dr. Dadiyorto Wendi (first cohort)

Dr. Tobias Sieg (first cohort)

Dr. Ugur Öztürk (first cohort)

Dr. Ankit Agarwal (first cohort)

Dr. Amelie Stolle (associated)