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Ann-Kathrin Rothermel

Ann-Kathrin Rothermel is a PhD student at the Chair for International Relations. 
If you want to get in contact, please refer to the assistant of the chair.

Ann-Kathrin Rothermel has been a Research Associate at the Chair since 2016. Her teaching focuses primarily on security policy and feminist research in International Relations. In 2017-18, she participated in the Potsdam Graduate School's Junior Teaching Professional qualification program, and also holds the Certificate in University Teaching Brandenburg.

During her Bachelor's degree in Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin, she lived and worked abroad several times, including in Russia and Central Asia. There she studied among other things the conceptions of civil society of local actors. She subsequently completed her Master's degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Global Politics and Global Civil Society. From 2015 to 2016, she worked for the NGO Branch of the UN Secretariat in New York.

Her research interests include critical theories, critical security studies, global governance and globalization, global development cooperation, civil society studies, and gender studies. Her doctoral project focuses on the contested nature of discourses and practices on new forms of transnational counterterrorism and terrorism prevention. She also conducts research on collective identities and movement dynamics in online antifeminist and misogynist groupings and is a fellow at the Insitute for Research on Male Supremacism (IRMS) since 2019.