Global Seminar: American and Africana Studies In Europe (Germany)

Sommerkurs mit der Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Foto: Universität Potsdam

May 24 - June 6, 2020

The main objective is that SIU students spend 2 weeks to understand how America and the African American experience are perceived outside America, specifically in Europe and Germany.

Africana, the global presence of African and African-descended people, discussions of which will bring German colonial history to the fore, will also triangulate Europe, Africa, and America in millennia-old constant contacts that continue in the twenty-first century with enduring implications for all humanity and the human condition.

This course is open to all disciplines. Students who are not already enrolled at SIU must be admitted to SIU in order to receive transfer credit (this is not the normal application process, but an abbreviated process which is much easier than the full admission).

  • Application Deadline

      March 1st, 2020

  • Courses & Credits
  • Leisure Time Program inclusive!
  • Housing
    Students will be living in a German Hostel in Potsdam.