Minh-Nguyet Le

Minh is a doctorate fellow in the DFG research training group WIPCAD (http://www.uni-potsdam.de/wipcad/) where she explores the development of innovation capabilities in government. In her research she explores the rising relevance of design capability in the public sector and its relationship to government digitalization reforms, big data aspirations, and civil society. She treats design capability as an assemblage of socio-material and technological practices tracing its varied enactments, hybridisations and explores how epistemic authority is constructed by its protagonists.

Minh situates her practice at the nexus of design research, technology, and society. Prior to joining WIPCAD she worked as a researcher at the Centre for Digital Cultures, Innovations-Inkubator at Leuphana Universität where she explored open access publishing ecologies with the Hybrid Publishing Lab. She has an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design Strategies and an undergraduate degree in Business.