Synthetic Biology

Group Leader: Dr. Lena Hochrein

Many technically, pharmaceutically or medically relevant products originate from slow growing or difficult to cultivate hosts, for example plants. The biotechnological production of these compounds in non-native hosts, e.g. bacteria or yeasts, can help to improve the production process under economic and ecological aspects. This usually requires a variety of genomic manipulations like the insertion of foreign genes, which are necessary to synthesize the desired compound, and the deletion of native genes, which might negatively interfere with the foreign biochemical pathway.

Furthermore, precise tools to regulate the expression levels of the gene products are needed to optimize product yield. In our group, we designed a toolbox which simplifies and speeds up those steps in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a powerful and favored host for biotechnological purposes due to its short generation time, the availability of methods for its cheap and easy manipulation, and its well-known genome.

With our toolkit we can tackle the following challenges:

Graphic Assemblx

Design and construction of complex DNA assembly projects via AssemblX

Graphic Regulation

Multi-Parallel and Time-Dependent Regulation of Expression levels

Graphic Genome Scramble

Genome optimization