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Dr. Larissa Raatz (born Schaub)

Dr. Larissa Raatz
Foto: L. Kindermann


University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany

Maulbeerallee 1, R. 2.01

14469 Potsdam, Germany         


Phone +49 (0)331-977 1939

E-Mail larissa.raatz@uni-potsdam.de

Dr. Larissa Raatz
Foto: L. Kindermann


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Current Project

WASCAL 2.0 - Greenhouse Gas Determination in West Africa’s Agricultural Landscapes (GreenGaDe)

As a project coordinator, I am facilitating the activities and investigations of GreenGaDe, a collaborative project about carbon pool and greenhouse gas emissions along a steep climatic gradient in West Africa. Specifically, my tasks include administrative and scientific coordination e.g., annual and final reporting, budgeting and controlling, public outreach and data management as well as ensuring the internal and external communication of the consortium. As a nice side effect, I am contributing to the scientific output of the project by assisting in the experimental design, the assemblage of datasets and the synthetical analyses of the generated data within GreenGaDe.



Research Interests

  • Relationship between Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functions and Ecosystem services
  • Landscape-mediated effects on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
  • Sustainable Agro-ecosystems
  • Carbon Storage in various ecosystem compartments
  • Climate and Land-use change effects on Greenhous Gas Emissions



Education and Experience


Since 2021 Project Coordinator, Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany, University of Potsdam (UP)

2015 – 2021 Doctoral researcher, Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany, University of Potsdam (UP) and Animal Ecology and multitrophic interactions, University of Münster (WWU)

2015 – 2019 Guest researcher, Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning", Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Müncheberg

2015 – 2019 Associated Doctoral researcher in BioMove RTG (Integrating Biodiversity Research with Movement Ecology in Dynamic Agricultural Landscapes), University of Potsdam (UP)

2015 Research Assistant, Global Soil Forum, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam

2013 Graduate Research Assistant, Plant Ecology, Freie Universität Berlin (FU)

2011 – 2014 Master of Science, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, University of Potsdam (UP)

2010 – 2011 Student Research Assistant, Transcript Profiling Group, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology (MPI-MPP), Potsdam

2008 – 2011 Bachelor of Science, Life Science, University of Potsdam (UP)





  • Kernecker, M., Fienitz, M., Nendel, C., Pätzig, M., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Raatz, L., Schmidt, M., Wulf, M. & Zscheischler, J. (2022). Transition zones across agricultural field boundaries for integrated landscape research and management of biodiversity and yields. Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 3(1), e12122.

Available at:


  • Pirhofer Walzl, K., Ryo, M., Raatz, L., Petermann, J. S., Gessler, A., Joshi, J., & Rillig, M. C. (2022). Distance to semi‐natural habitats matters for arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in wheat roots and wheat performance in a temperate agricultural landscape. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, 1(4), 262-274. 

Available at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/sae2.12032

  • Raatz, L. (2021). Boon and Bane – How semi-natural habitats shape biodiversity-driven ecosystem (dis)services in agricultural landscapes. Dissertation at University of Potsdam.

Available at:


  • Raatz, L., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Müller, M. E., Scherber, C., Joshi, J. (2021). Who is the culprit: Is pest infestation responsible for crop yield losses close to semi-natural habitats? Ecology and evolution, 11(19), 13232-13246.

Available at:


  • Raatz, L., Bacchi, N., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Glemnitz, M., Müller, M. E., Joshi, J., & Scherber, C. (2019). How much do we really lose? – Yield losses in the proximity of natural landscape elements in agricultural landscapes. Ecology and evolution, 9(13), 7838-7848.

Available at: