Building 19, Campus Neues Palais
Foto: K. Fritze, UP


Information for new students

So you are thinking about studying education at our department? Or you are thinking about earning a B.A. in English and American Studies, an M.A. in Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture, or an M.A. in Linguistics: Communication-Variation-Multilingualism? Here is information that may help you with your decision:

 The Institute for English and American Studies offers the following courses of study:

  • Teacher training programmes of English (EFL)
  • Two-subject bachelor English/American Studies
  • Various master’s degree programmes


Application Procedures for the individual courses of study

Important notice: These are new courses of study for students and instructors, which are being gradually developed. Changes and adaptations are therefore likely to ensure the best possible study conditions. Please inform yourself on the website of the Department of English and American Studies concerning the current state of the program and possible changes; seek guidance from appropriate advisor if needed.


 …for further questions

Those interested can obtain further information from the appropriate departmental advisors. Our advisors are there to answer your questions.

Building 19, Campus Neues Palais
Foto: K. Fritze, UP