Institute colloquium: John Geissmann, University of Texas

Geoethics - Integrity and Ethics in Science in Higher Education

A keynote lecture by John Geissmann, Professor of Geosciences, University of Texas at Dallas

Monday, 4. January, 16:15 (CET)

The International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) describes the core elements of Geothics on its websites as follows:

  • Geoethics provides a reference and guidelines for behaviour in addressing concrete problems of human life by trying to find socio-economic solutions compatible with a respect for the environment and the protection of Nature and land.
  • Geoethics reflects the social role played by Geoscientists and their responsibilities highlighting the ethical, cultural and economic repercussions that their behavioral choices may have on society.
  • Geoethics encourages a critical analysis of the use and management of geo-resources.
  • Geoethics deals with problems related to the risk management and the mitigation of geohazards.
  • Geoethics fosters the proper and correct dissemination of the results of scientific studies and other information on risks.
  • Geoethics aims to improve the relationships between the scientific community, the mass media and the public.
  • Geoethics promotes the development of the geoparks and geo-tourism, in order to create social awareness about the value of the geological heritage and geodiversity.
  • Geoethics highlights the value and usefulness of the geological and geophysical knowledge in daily life by promoting disciplines like geo-medicine and forensic geosciences.
  • Geoethics aims to organize effective teaching tools to develop awareness, values and responsibility, especially amongst the young people.

Mmore about Geoethics at

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04.01.2021, 16:15 Uhr
04.01.2021, 18:00 Uhr
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