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Panel Discussion: Jewish activism, What is it? What Should it be?

Please join us for two panel discussions on the topic of Jewish activism today.

We will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Jewish activists in Europe's complex current reality. Both panels will be moderated by Prof. Jonathan Schorsch, Chair for Jewish Religious and Intellectual History at the School of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam, and founder and creative director of JASS - the Jewish Activism Summer School in Berlin.

Each event will feature a different and varied group of leading active jewish figures who are operating in Europe today:

Panel 1
Theme: Jewish Activism - What is it? What Should it be?
Wednesday, 9 August, at 19:45
Prachtwerk, Ganghoferstraße 2, 12043 Berlin
Link zu facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/jewish_activism_what_is_it

featuring: Alina Brickman, president of EUJS (European Union of Jewish Students)
Rabbi Gesa Ederberg, rabbi at Oranienbursgerstraße Synagoge, author and the Dean of Zacharias Frankel College
Dalia Grinfeld, political advisor and President of JSUD (Jüdische Studierendenunion Deutschland)
Flòra Petàk, active member of the Muslim-Jewish Conference and head of the Abraham-Cafe initiative

Panel 2
Theme: The Place of Jews in Progressive/Leftist Activism
Wednesday, 15 August, at 19:45
K-fetisch, Wildenbruchstraße 86, 12045 Berlin
Link zu facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/the_place_of_jews_in_activism

Sharon Adler, publisher of Aviva Magazin, chairperson of Zurückgeben - Foundation for the Advancement of Jewish Women in Science and the Arts
Max Czollek, poet and activist, publisher of Jalta - Positions on Contemporary Jewish Existence
Rachel De Boor, active member of Marom-Berlin, supporter of a feminist and queer Judaism through Women of the Wall and at Rainbow-Hawruta, and active in the promotion of inter-religious dialogue at ELES Dialogperspektiven
Benny Fischer, activist, Public Affairs Officer at the European Jewish Congress, active in The Muslim Jewish Interfaith Coalition, and former EUJS President

~Free Admission~




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09.08.2018, 19:45 Uhr
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