A pattern of blue watercolour spots, white stripes and white dots. Writing on it:"Everything at a glance. Digital booklet display."
Bild: Sophie Kruschke/Career Service

Digital booklet display

As a supplement to our event "How to... start a career in Germany", we gathered the most important digital brochures, leaflets and links by the participating university's services and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB). have a click, have a look and for any questions: Don't hesitate to contact us!

          Any further questions about the Career Service? 

          ► Lennart Hölscher - lennart.hoelscheruni-potsdamde


          Any further questions about the Internation Office? 

          ► Fabian Wähner - incoming-degreeuni-potsdamde

          Any further questions about the PoGS? 

          ► Caroline Babbe - pogsuni-potsdamde

          Any further questions about Potsdam Transfer?

          ► Dr. Till Meiling - meilinguni-potsdamde

          Any further questions about the WFBB?

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