October 3 – 6 2010, University of Potsdam

KogWis 2010 – The 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science

Thank you for all your contributions, which made KogWis 2010 a wonderful and inspiring conference. Below you find the link to the conference proceedings and a video with some impressions of the conference.

 Online Publication of the Proceedings of KogWis 2010



Join us for the 10th Biannual Conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science (GK, Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft) "KogWis 2010"! The conference will take place at the University of Potsdam, one of Germany’s youngest and liveliest universities, surrounded by the beautiful parks of Sanssouci, and located a short distance from Berlin.

Plenary Speakers

Invited Symposia

Associated Events

Program Chairs

Ria de Bleser (Potsdam), Ralf Engbert (Potsdam), Christopher Habel (Hamburg), John-Dylan Haynes (HU Berlin), Christoph Hoelscher (Freiburg), Reinhold Kliegl (Potsdam), Markus Knauff (Giessen), Stefan Kopp (Bielefeld), Michel Pauen (HU Berlin), Torsten Schaub (Potsdam), Ute Schmid (Bamberg), Angela Schwering (Muenster), Manfred Stede (Potsdam), Ralf Stoecker (Potsdam), Manfred Thüring (TU Berlin), Leon Urbas (TU Dresden), Shravan Vasishth (Potsdam), Marianne Vater (Potsdam), Heike Wiese (Potsdam)


Johannes Haack and Heike Wiese
in co-operation with the University of Potsdam and the UP TRANSFER GmbH











Proceedings online
We are happy to announce that the Proceedings of KogWis 2010 are now published online. Also, you can download the detailled program of the Satellite Workshop "Kognitive Ethnologie" and the Doctoral Symposium on the website now. The complete program of the main conference will be made available in the next few days.
Important Information on the Workshop "New Frameworks of Rationality"
The workshop exclusively addresses scientists who are planning to make an application inside the DFG Priority Program SPP 1516. Please only register for the workshop when you are planning an application!
New satellite workshop "New Frameworks of Rationality"
Kick-Off Workshop of the newly established DFG Priority Program SPP 1516: "New Frameworks of Rationality" (Markus Knauff, Giessen; Ralph Hertwig, Basel; Gerhard Schurz, Düsseldorf; Wolfgang Spohn, Konstanz; Michael Waldmann, Göttingen)
Notifications on June 9, 2010
Due to the great number of submissions and the extension of the submission deadline not all reviews for the KogWis 2010 are finished, yet. Therefore we have to ask for your patience with the notifications of acceptance. We expect to receive the remaining reviews within a week and will send out all notifications about next Wednesday, June 9, 2010.
The deadline for submitting papers for KogWis 2010 has been extended by two weeks to Friday, May 14, 2010.