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Call for Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM)

For the fourth period of activity the COST action ‘LocRef’ is inviting proposals for STSMs. The scientific exchange visits at institutions or research centers that are a member of the Action are intended for early stage researchers and supported by grants. The latest call can be found here. Reports of STSMs already conducted can be found under the menu item STSM or here.

New STSM assigned – total of 9 STSMs in period 1 allocated

The last STSM for period 1 of the COST Action ‘LocRef’ was assigned today. In total, we managed to allocate nine Short-Term-Scientific-Missions during the first year of ‘LocRef’:

Kai Harbrich from the University of Potsdam, doctoral researcher at the Potsdam Research Training Group WIPCAD (Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy) will visit Queen Mary University of London in April/May 2014 . His host is Prof. Martin Laffin (20 days of duration, 2.250 € grant).

New STSMs assigned – total of 8 STSMs already allocated

Today, the STSM steering committee assigned another STSM grant (short research stay) to an early stage researcher:

Dr. Marta Lackowska from the University of Warsaw. Her host institution is the University of Münster (Norbert Kersting, 12 days of duration, 1.700 € grant).

You can see [here] the list of STSMs in the first period of our Action, including research topics, duration and destinations.

Four new STSMs assigned to early stage researchers

This week, the STSM steering committee assigned four STSMs grants (short research stays) to young/early stage scholars of our Action.     These are:

  • Adam Genzwill: Home institution: University of Warsaw; host institution: DeMontfort University Leicester (Colin Copus; 8 days, 1.200 € grant)
  • Angeliki Sarri: Home institution: University of Athens; host institution: Queen Mary University London (Martin Laffin; 10 days, 1.700 € grant)
  • Jane Scullion: Home institution: DeMontfort University Leicester; host institution: University of Oslo (Harald Baldersheim; 12 days; 1.326 € grant)
  • Efthymia Georgaki: Home institution: University of Athens; host institution: Queen Mary University London (Martin Laffin; 11 days, 1.820 € grant)

STSMs information/update

The COST Action IS1207 gives researchers the possibility to conduct short research stays in partner institutions (so called Short Term Scientific Missions – STSM).
You can find a brief description [here]. Also, detailed information on the application process is available. You can download it [here].