network_figure_01COSMOS will train 15 Early Stage Researches  at the interface between Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Life Sciences. All the individual projects, as required by the European Joint Doctorate (EJD) format, are supervised by two teams at two universities. The overall network of these connections is presented in the figure. In the descriptions below the “major” university, where the ESR has been appointed and spends most oftheir time, is placed first.




Project 1: Chimera and other complex states in networks of coupled oscillators

Researcher: Janis Goldschmidt

PIs: Arkady Pikovsky (Potsdam, UP), Antonio Politi (Aberdeen, UABDN)

Project 2: Inferring structure of pulse-coupled oscillatory networks from data

Researcher: Rok Cestnik

PIs: Michael Rosenblum (Potsdam, UP), Andreas Daffertshofer and Bob van Dijk (Amsterdam, VUA)

Project 3: Comparative analysis of oscillator models

Researcher: Pau Clusella

PIs: Antonio Politi (Aberdeen, UABDN), Roberto Livi (Florence, UF)

Project 4: Dynamical maximum entropy approach to neural networks

Researcher: Marco Faggian

PIs: Francesco Ginelli (Aberdeen, UABDN), Zoran Levnajic (Novo Mesto, FIS)

Project 5: Inferring the high dimension network structure in a multitude of coupled oscillators

Researcher: Gloria Cecchini

PIs: Björn Schelter (Aberdeen, UABDN), Michael Rosenblum (Potsdam, UP)

Project 6: Spatio-temporal dynamics of chronotaxic systems

Researcher: Maxime Lucas

PIs: Aneta Stefanovska (Lancaster, ULANC), Duccio Fanelli (Florence, UF)

Project 7: Dynamics of membrane potential oscillations in biological cells

Researcher: Aleksandra Pidde

PIs: Aneta Stefanovska (Lancaster, ULANC), Ernest Montbrió and Ralph G Andrzejak (Barcelona, UPF)

Project 8: The role of external and endogenous noise in neural network dynamics and statistics

Researcher: Clément Zankoc

PIs: Roberto Livi and Duccio Fanelli (Florence, UF), Francesco Ginelli (Aberdeen, UABDN)

Project 9: New approaches to neuronal coding: using spike train distances to identify the most discriminative neuronal subpopulation

Researcher: Eero Satuvuori

PIs: Thomas Kreuz (Florence, UF), Andreas Daffertshofer and Bob van Dijk  (Amsterdam, VUA)

Project 10: Using nonlinear interdependence measures to detect directional couplings in networks

Researcher: Irene Malvestio

PIs: Ralph G Andrzejak (Barcelona, UPF), Thomas Kreuz (Florence, UF)

Project 11: Collective phenomena in networks of spiking neurons

Researcher: Federico Devalle

PIs: Ernest Montbrió (Barcelona, UPF), Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock (Lancaster, ULANC)

Project 12: Frequency-doubling bifurcations in neuronal networks – a means of cross-frequency interactions

Researcher: Bastian Pietras

PIs: Andreas Daffertshofer and Bob van Dijk  (Amsterdam, VUA), Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock (Lancaster, ULANC)

Project 13: Network-network interaction in neuronal systems – how topological characteristics transfer between complex networks

Researcher: Nicolás Deschle

PI’s: Bob van Dijk and Andreas Daffertshofer (Amsterdam, VUA), Bjoern Schelter (Aberdeen, UABDN)

Project 14: Inverse-engineering of complex oscillatory networks

Researcher: Marc Grau

PIs: Zoran Levnajic (Novo Mesto, FIS), Ralph G Andrzejak (Barcelona, UPF)

Project 15: Exploring cardiac phase response curve in health prognoses

Researcher: Çağdaş Topçu

PIs: Maximilian Moser (Graz, MUG), Arkady Pikovsky and Michael Rosenblum (Potsdam, UP)