CogSys Manual

The FSR collected questions new students used to have and created a document to help you in the beginning of your studies: CogSys Manual (including introduction to Slack)

Check it out and if you still have some questions, please write us! (

Internal communication

We use slack for all our internal communication purposes (student-only workspace)
Here’s a document Jens put together with all the information: slack-info

PS: if you are a CogSys student and you want to be on slack, but didn’t get an invitation – write us an email! (

Study programme

Foundation module (FM) = Catch-up module (required depending on your background) 
Basic module (BM) = Mandatory "core" module
Advanced module (AM) = Elective module
Project Module (PM) = Project module (normally work in small groups)
Individual Module (IM) = Independent research module (work alone)

3 x BM | 3 x 9 = 27 ECTS
4 x (AM + FM) | 4 x 6 = 24 ECTS
2 x PM | 2 x 12 = 24 ECTS
1 x IM | 15 ECTS
Master’s Thesis | 30 ECTS
Total: 120 ECTS

Study plan examples:

Example #1
1st semester: ANLP, ASP, FM/AM, AM (30) 
2nd semester: IDA + LM, AM, AM, PM (33)
3rd semester: PM, IM (27) 
4th semester: Thesis (30)
Example #2
1st semester: ANLP, ASP, FM/AM (24)
2nd semester: IDA + LM, AM (15)
3rd semester: PM, AM (18)
4th semester: PM, AM (18)
5th semester: IM (15)
6th semester: Thesis (30)

It’s totally fine if you need more than 4 semesters to finish the programme (especially if you are working part-time at the same time), but remember that you are not allowed to take more than 8 semesters (4 years). Students with ca. 10h-20h jobs per week usually take 5-6 semesters.


Campus II – Golm Plan

Campus III – Griebnitzsee Plan

Campus I – Am Neuen Palais Plan

Where are the most classes taking place?

Golm (Linguistics, e.g. ANLP), Griebnitzsee (Computer Science, e.g. IDA and ASP)

How do I get from Golm to Griebnitzsee?

there are trains directly from Golm to Griebnitzsee, usually they go there every half hour. Train schedule can be found online (also, highly recommended to get a VBB or BVG app for your phone). You can also take the bus to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof and from there the S-Bahn to S Griebnitzsee


You can apply for the student dormitories through the website of Studentenwerk (application form). Be sure to apply as soon as possible (best option – together with the application for the programme), even if you don’t have the acceptance letter yet!
Here are some other helpful websites for finding a room in a shared flat or an apartment:

Ebay-Kleinanzeigen is mainly for buying/selling stuff, but also rooms and flats are offered there: ebay-kleinanzeigen-wg-zimmer-potsdam for Potsdam

Website of the Studentenwerk Potsdam:

Facebook Groups: WG Zimmer frei in PotsdamWG Zimmer frei in BerlinWG & Wohnung Potsdam gesucht

Language courses

Are there German language courses offered by the university?

Center for Languages: