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CEPA Discussion Papers

The CEPA Discussion Papers Series is meant to disseminate recent research results by CEPA members to the scientific community and the interested public. Research findings published in a CEPA Discussion Paper reflect on-going research prior to publication in peer-reviewed journal articles. If you consider submitting an article to CEPA, please look at our submission guidelines.




CEPA Discussion Paper No. 11

Entrepreneurial Persistence Beyond Survival: Measurements and Determinants [Download]
Caliendo, M. & Goethner, M. & Weißenberger, M.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 10

Strategic ignorance in repeated prisoners' dilemma experiments and its effects on the dynamics of voluntary cooperation [Download]
Bruttel, L. & Felgendreher, S. &  Güth, W. & Hertwig, R.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 9

Does subsidized care for toddlers increase maternal labor supply? Evidence from a large-scale expansion of early childcare [Download]
Müller, K. & Wrohlich, K.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 8

Population Density and Urban Air Quality  [Download]
Borck, R. & Schrauth, P. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 7

“Thanks in Advance”. The Negative Effect of a Polite Phrase on Compliance with a Request  [Download]
Bruttel, L. & Nithammer, J. & Stolley, F. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 6

New Evidence on Long-Term Effects of Start-Up Subsidies. Matching Estimates and their Robustness  [Download]
Caliendo, M. & Tübbicke, S. 
[Forthcoming in: Empirical Economics]

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 5

Is There a Loyalty-Enhancing Effect of Retroactive Price-Reduction Schemes?   [Download]
Bruttel, L. 
[Review of Industrial Organization, 2019, 54(3), pp 575–593]

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 4

Firm Size and Innovation in the Service Sector  [Download]
Audretsch, D. B. & Hafenstein, M. & Kritikos, A. S. & Schiersch, A. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 3

Labor supply under participation and hours constraints. An extended structural model for policy evaluations  [Download]
Müller, K. & Neumann, M. & Wrohlich, K.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 2

Getting a Yes. An Experiment on the Power of Asking  [Download]
Bruttel, L. & Stolley, F. & Utikal, V. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 1

The Causal Effects of the Minimum Wage Introduction in Germany - An Overview  [Download]
Caliendo, M. & Schröder, C. & Wittbrodt, L. 
[Forthcoming in: German Economic Review]