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Conference Programme

Thursday, July 6
14:00Welcome Addresses
14:30Bryan S. Turner: Introduction

John McCarthy: Specifying the Theoretical Factors Essential to Understanding Successful Contemporary Populist Mobilization

16:00Coffee Break

Populism: Conceptual Debates

Cathérine Colliot-Thélène: Populism as a Conceptual Problem

Ulrike M Vieten: Ambivalences of Cosmopolitanism in Europe: Elites, Mobility and Far Right Populism in the 21st Century

Gregor Fitzi: Populism. Social and Political Aspects of an Ideal Typical Concept

Populism in Europe

Cas Mudde: Populism in Europe: Past Present and Future

Ruth Wodak: The Micro-Poltics of Right-Wing Populism 

Yannis Stavrakakis: Left-wing Populism in Southern Europe: Historical Anomaly or Paradigm Shift?

Populism and Religion

Rosario Forlenza: 'Abendland in Christian hands': Religion and Populism in Contemporary European Politics

Bryan S Turner: Religion and Populism: From Tea Party to Trump

Zafer Yilmaz: The AKP and the New Politics of the Social: Fragile Citizenship, Authoritarian Populism and Paternalist Family Policies

Friday, July 7
09:00Haideh Moghissi: Islamic Populism, Cultural Engineering and Women's Quest for Rights
10:00Coffee Break

Populism and Gender

Leila Hadj-Abdou: 'Gender-Nationalism': Boundary Making Strategies of the Populist Radical Right

Joshua Roose: Masculinity and the New Populism: From East to West

The Law and Populism

John Pratt: From Protecting Individual Rights to Protecting the Public: The Changing Parameters of Populist-driven Criminal Law and Penal Policy

Hassan Jabareen: Loyalty and Citizenship: The Case of Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Extremism and Ideology

Paul Taggart: Populism, Unpolitics and Right-Wing Extremism

Dietmar Loch: Populism or Radical Right? 'Thin' and 'thick' ideologies of Authoritarian Temptations In Europe

13:00David Snow: The Coterminous Rise of Populism and Superfluous Populations

Populism as Social Movement

Dieter Rucht: Right-wing Populism in Context: A Cross-time Perspective

Michael Neuber: Social Movement Mobilization and the Disappearance of the Self-evident


Beyond Democratic Regimes?

Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser: Militant Democracy and Populism

Klaus Bachmann: Transitions to Hybrid Regimes - The Role of Populist parties and Movements

Populism and Political Participation

Roberto Biorcio: Populism as Challenge for the Party Systems. A Comparison between Italy and Spain

Jenny Pearce: 'Citizens' or 'People'? Competing Meanings of the Participatory Subject in Latin America (and beyond) and their Implications for Democracy

15:50-16:25Coffee Break
16:30Nira Yuval-Davis: Everyday Bordering and Populist Constructions of 'the Migrant'

Populism and Conceptions of Homogeneity

Giorgia Bulli: Cultural Homogenous Community: The Populist Promise During the Migration Era

Susi Meret: The Institutionalization of Right-wing Populism in Scandinavia: People, Nation and Welfare in the Construction of the 'Other'

Populist Reactions to Migration

Giovanna Campani: Changing Migratory Patterns in Europe: Challenges and Post-populist Policies

Gianni d'Amato: Opposition to Migration: A Successful Strategy in Europe?

Saturday, July 8
09:15Mabel Berezin: Extreme Nationalism and Threats to Democracy in Europe
10:15-10:40Coffee Break

Populism, Performance, and the Media

Beth Gardner: Portraying the Popular Will: Rhetoric of ‘the People,’ Polls, and Bystanders in Mass Media Issue Coverage

Benjamin Moffitt: Populism 2.0, New Media and the False Allure of 'Unmediated' Representation

The Politics and the Political Economy of Populism

Bob Jessop: A Cultural Political Economy of Populist Discourse and Practice

Jürgen Mackert: Neoliberalism, Citizenship and Populism

Heiner Ganßmann: Instability, Crises and Stagnation as Consequences of Populism in Economic Thought

14:00-15:00Rogers Brubaker: Conclusion