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Zafer Yılmaz

Zafer Yılmaz is a visiting scholar (Dr.) at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Potsdam University. His current work is concerned with the rise of authoritarianism, transformation of the rule of law and citizenship in Turkey. He has published a book on the concept of risk and poverty alleviation policies of the World Bank and several papers on new poverty management, social policies, family policies and new Islamic charity mentality in Turkey. His latest publications include “The AKP and the Spirit of the ‘New’ Turkey: Imagined Victim, Reactionary Mood, and Resentful Sovereign,” Turkish Studies, and “‘Strengthening the Family’ Policies in Turkey: Managing the Social Question and Armoring Conservative-Neoliberal Populism,” Turkish Studies.

Zafer Yılmaz

Visiting Scholar


Campus Griebnitzsee
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam
House 7, Room 3.28